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News from State Senator Paul Doyle

Winter 2011

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Lowering Your Heating Bills

This month’s frigid temperatures can make heating your home quite expensive. Fortunately, there are many programs in place to help families lower their energy costs.

HeatingThe Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) and the Contingency Heating Assistance Program (CHAP) help offset the costs of winter heating and pay for weatherization. Operation Fuel also provides energy assistance to income-eligible residents.

If you would like more information—for yourself or a loved one—about these programs, please call my Capitol office during regular business hours or visit our Home Heating Assistance Web page.

Cold Weather Tips

Snow2011 will be a winter to remember in Connecticut. In the past month, we have seen record-breaking snowfalls and temperatures well below zero with the wind chill.

Make sure you and your family are ready for the next snowstorm, and use these tips to stay safe and warm!

  • When the snow begins to fall, road conditions can deteriorate very quickly. Drive only if necessary and limit travel to daylight hours if at all possible. Keep others informed of your schedule and route, and stay on main roads.
  • Be aware that power failures and other service disruptions may occur. Keep a battery operated radio, flashlights and extra batteries on hand.
  • When leaving the house, dress in layers and wear warm clothing, including a hat, gloves and sturdy footwear, even if just running a quick errand.
  • Never use charcoal grills, gas grills or generators indoors, because they can cause a buildup of dangerous carbon monoxide gas which can lead to poisoning or even death.
  • Stay informed, listen to local radio and television stations for information on possible school delays and other weather related updates.

Where to Turn When Unemployed

JobsUnemployment numbers are still high in Connecticut in the wake of the nationwide recession. It’s a tough situation for individuals and families across our state, but there are resources in place to help.

The United Way of Connecticut has produced a document entitled, “Where to Turn in Connecticut When You Become Unemployed” to assist people who are unemployed and looking for work. It contains information regarding unemployment insurance, medical benefits, legal assistance and help with job searches and money management.

Additionally, the Senate Democrats have this resource page available to help guide jobseekers in the right direction. Need help accessing an agency or program? Give me a call at 860-240-0475.


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