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Gomes Celebrates Senate Passage of Resolution to Recognize WWII Cadet Nurse Corp. Women as Veterans

HARTFORD, CT— Senator Ed Gomes (D-Bridgeport) today celebrated the unanimous and bipartisan Senate ‘consent’ passage of a resolution, led bySenator Cathy Osten (D-Sprague), to memorialize Congress to recognize women in the Cadet Nurse Corps. during World War II as veterans.

Because United States Cadet Nurse Corps women served under the auspices of Public Health Services rather than the military, they were never fully recognized for their service during the Second World War.

“Today we value and appreciate the women who serve in our military. Unfortunately, at the time these women served, that was not the case, and so they never received the same acknowledgements as their male counterparts,”Sen. Gomes, vice-chair of the Veteran Affairs Committee, said. “It’s great to finally see these brave women get the recognition they deserve for courageously serving our country so many years ago. Their contributions will not be forgotten. I thank Senator Osten for her leadership on this resolution, and thank my colleagues in the senate for their support.”

Currently, women who served in the United States Cadet Nurse Corps are not recognized as veterans. The Cadet Nurse Corps was a group of women who committed to serving their country during World War II so that there would not be a shortage of nurses at home or abroad. In exchange, the women were eligible for a government subsidy, paying for tuition, books, uniforms and a stipend.

This resolution would recognize these women as veterans and urge Congress to make them eligible to receive certain veterans' benefits.

“I’ve still got cadet corps nurses living in my district who speak with so much pride about their service to their country,” Sen. Osten told the Senate chamber as she explained the purpose of the resolution. “This is the only group of veterans in America who have not been recognized by Congress. I suggest we pass this bill now, and have Congress recognize these women, before we have to recognize them posthumously. It really is an injustice not to have these veterans recognized.”






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