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Contact: Adam Joseph

September 10, 2010

Number of Families & Businesses Saving Money by Choosing an Electric Supplier is Surging

Senator Williams: “Unfortunately too many families are still missing out on chance to lower electric costs by 10-percent”

Hartford: Senate President Donald E. Williams, Jr. (D-Brooklyn) says that statistics from the state’s Department of Public Utility Control indicate that the number of residential and commercial customers who have chosen their own electric supplier has nearly doubled in the last nine months—from 17 percent in November 2009 to nearly 30 percent now.

The report also indicates that 49.7 percent of small businesses in the service area of Connecticut Light & Power have chosen their own electric supplier.

“By choosing their own electric supplier, customers are able to save as much as ten percent on their monthly electric bill,” said Senator Williams. “This can really add up, especially for homes with electric heat in the winter and businesses which use a lot of electricity. I’m thrilled that more and more people are making the switch but unfortunately, too many families are still missing out.”

The ability for electric ratepayers to choose a new supplier was greatly enhanced following the passage of Public Act 07-242 in 2007. The act required Connecticut electric companies to provide information about competitive suppliers to their customers.

According to the state Department of Public Utility Control, at the end of November 2009, only 17 percent (or 259,885) of Connecticut's residential and commercial customers had chosen their own electric supplier. The most recent statistics show that 29 percent (or 449,732) of the state’s residential and commercial customers have chosen a supplier. If all 1,387,441 Connecticut customers switched they would save over $87 million this year on their electric bills.

“It’s not a stretch to say that about half the small businesses in Windham County are leaving money on the table,” said Senator Williams. “I encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity and hope our continued outreach will help them do it.”

Anyone who wants to pick their own supplier or get more information should visit


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