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Second Year in a Row: Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Gives Slossberg a Perfect Score

Sen. Slossberg recognized for her work protecting Connecticut’s environment

Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) has received a perfect overall score from the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters on its 2016 Environmental Scorecard, which rates Connecticut’s state legislators by the votes they have cast on key environmental bills. Senator Slossberg was given a 100 percent score this year. Slossberg also received a 100 percent score on the group’s 2015 Environmental Scorecard.

“Connecticut’s natural environment, particularly Long Island Sound, is one of our state’s greatest economic and recreational assets,” said Senator Slossberg. “This year, we passed laws to protect open space, cut down on waste, and protect the pollinator population that is vital to our state’s agricultural economy. I will continue to vote in support of our environment, and look forward to working on these issues with the League of Conservation Voters.”

The full report and scorecard can be found on the League of Conservation Voters’ website.

Preserving Open Space

Senate Resolution 16-1 establishes a statewide referendum to call for a constitutional amendment that will protect open space in Connecticut. This question will appear on the 2018, asking whether residents think Connecticut’s constitution should be amended to ensure that public lands are not sold and used for development.

Protecting Pollinator Health

Public Act 16-17, An Act Concerning Pollinator Health, encourages the development of pollinator habitats while limiting the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, which are believed to be largely responsible for colony collapse disorder and the worldwide die-off of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Honey bees pollination is necessary for the production of two thirds of the top human food crops, which supply about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition. It is estimated that honey bees contribute about $15 billion to the United States economy each year. Connecticut has 56 farms producing fruits, nuts or berries with a value of over $27 million, plus 398 farms producing pumpkins. All of these farms are dependent on honeybee pollination.

Cutting Down on Packaging Waste

Special Act 16-6, An Act Concerning a Reduction of Consumer-Based Packaging Materials, establishes a task force that will research and recommend the best practices for reducing consumer packaging waste through improving Connecticut’s recycling infrastructure, working with businesses to reduce the amount of packaging they create, and increasing the amount of biodegradable and recyclable materials used in consumer packaging.






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